SOVANVISION is SERBIA based Electro-Optics company, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems and sub-assemblies for armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets.

SOVANVISION is one of the ideas that has matured into an enterprise rendering world class solutions for Assemblies, Sub-systems, Systems and Systems integration for military and Homeland defense markets .

SOVANVISION is focused on the design and development, advanced research and manufacturing production.

SOVANVISION diversification into multi engineering disciplinaries‘ sub-systems and system level capabilities facilitate to deliver the products with high reliability, serviceability and support.

Based on its vertical control of all critical electro-optics capabilities, SOVANVISON is able to provide products and systems optimized to customer needs, within budget and delivered on-time. Every product and system is backed by comprehensive, world-wide after-sales support and services.

Main areas of activities: Night Vision Devices such as Monocular, Goggles, Pilot Goggles and Night Vision Weapon sights with various magnifications. Thermal imaging systems including sights are covering full spectrum of observation and fire control systems. Personal aiming devices such as Reflex sights, Laser Aiming device and weapon mounted illuminators.

SOVANVISION has developed unique LED matrix based diving illuminators for underwater security and rescue missions.

SOVANVISION offers optical production solution from design stage till final products reception , including most demanding quality control processing.

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