Night Vision Monocular

MPM-14GC is a Single Tube Night Vision Multi Purpose Monocular. It is intended for Surveillance, Navigation, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) or to be used as Short to medium Ranges Weapon Sight, providing Increased Versatility while eliminating the need to carry multiple types of specialized equipment Lightweight, Ridged and well Balanced, MPM-14GC can be hand-held or worn on a head-mask for hands-free operation, NBC compatible. MPM-14GC utilizes Generation II Premium or Gen III High Performance Image Intensifier Tube with integrated power supply, which provides Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and Bright Source Protection (BSP) to guard against exposure to high levels of light. MNVM-14GC Features manual variable gain control enabling it user to adjust best display brightness for best scenery perception.